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I did the jump of the stratosphere casino.

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Jumping off the stratosphere casino in Las Vegas.

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Man Drives Truck Through The Stratosphere Casino High On Cocaine Intending To Jump Off, Happy He Makes the News, Goes to Jail, Fails to Get Prosecuted, Ends Up Committing Suicide in a Hotel. (

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A 40-year-old driver has been accused of intentionally driving a pickup truck through the glass doors of the Stratosphere casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Trespassed for life for calling the ambulance at a casino (stratosphere)

I was injected with an anti-psychotic against my will and couldn't do anything about it because of the corrupt legal system. It lasted for over a month and a half and I got major side effects and was in major pain. I was at the stratosphere casino in Vegas and needed help very badly and decided to call 911. The paramedics came and I was scrutinized by security and they told me I'm trespassed and not allowed to come back. Their reason was for using the stratosphere as a way to call the ambulance on private property. I feel discriminated against based on my appearance. What is a way to handle this. I already tried calling security and begged them to allow me to come back but they won't let me.
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Recap - The Other Way Season 1 Episode 9

Tiffany and Ronald (27 and xx years old)
Jihoon and Deavan (29 and 22 years old)
Paul and Karine (35 and 23 years old)
Jenny and Michael Jones (60 and 30 years old)
Corey and Evelin (32 and 26 years old)
Laura and Aladin (51 and 29 years old)
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Trespassed for life for calling the ambulance at a casino

I had major problems from an anti-psychotic injection that lasts for over a month and started getting side-effects. I was at the stratosphere casino in Vegas and decided to call 911 for medical help. The paramedics came and I was scrutinized by security. They told me I am trespassed and never allowed to come back. I called security a week later and pleaded my case and they still won't let me back. What is a good way to handle this.
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Matt Culberson wins first prize in Heartland Poker Tour

A new tournament in the Heartland Poker Tour concluded this week and this time it was the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri that acted as a gracious host. The land-based casino has attracted a great deal of poker fans, including some that usually participate exclusively in online tournaments. Unibet Poker members found it worthwhile to spend some time away from the virtual tables and sit down at real ones. They bring a wealth of experience from playing over the Internet and it is not surprising that some of them made it to the final table. Among those who brought a healthy stack to this late stage of the competition was Matt Culberson from St. Louis. 393 players pay the buy-in of $1650 for the main event, but only nine of them were still alive when the final table began. Matt was trailing chip leader Matt Cannella by plenty of chips, but he closed the gap separating him by the time the heads-up began. No deal was made and the winner took home almost $130,000, while the runners-up had to settle for less than $80,000. These are the final table results at the Heartland Poker Tour event: 1 Matt Culberson Lake St. Louis, MO $129,1472 Michael Ross Chicago, IL $78,3503 Jeffrey Brin Olathe, KS $52,4664 Ron Amos Quincy, IL $36,5925 Matt Cannella O'Fallon, IL $27,4446 Reginald Roberts Springfield, MO $21,5257 Joshua Turner St. Louis, MO $18,1888 Carl Masters Clarksville, TN $15,0679 Matthew Mueller Columbia, IL $12,915 There were dozens of tournaments scheduled throughout the year by the HPT and while most of them concluded some time ago, the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower is scheduled for November in Las Vegas. Below you can see the complete schedule of all Heartland Poker Tour events in 2014: Heartland Poker Tour Stratosphere Las Vegas, NV USAHeartland Poker Tour Ameristar Casino Vicksburg, MSHeartland Poker Tour Club One CasinoHeartland Poker Tour Daytona Beach Kennel ClubHeartland Poker Tour Thunder Valley Casino ResortHeartland Poker Tour Golden Gates CasinoHeartland Poker Tour Commerce CasinoHeartland Poker Tour Agua Caliente CasinoHeartland Poker Tour Ameristar Casino - East ChicagoHeartland Poker Tour Soaring Eagle Casino
via Casinoreviews
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This is Reaper-1 calling for the immediate assistance of any and all New America forces.

Reaper-2 and myself have come under heavy fire from what we presume to be Old American forces. We are located at the Stratosphere Casino, coordinates 36.147187, -115.156213. Observation deck. We are surrounded. From what we can see from quick glances before getting heavy amounts of lead sprayed in our direction, they have an unknown number of APCs and tanks. I estimate 40 plus troops and I can hear more rappelling down onto the roof of the casino via helicopter.
This is a call to all New American forces who are able to respond... We could really use your help out here. A few units or a goddamn AC-130 if you have it, anything! The situation is definitely FUBAR. I can hear the cries of the infected from all around the city. The noise is drawing them all to us. Soon we will have more to fight against than just the Old American forces. I estimate all the noise will produce a horde from the remnants of the cities infected.
We are running low on ammo and we have no anti-tank weaponry.
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WARNING: The Vegas Strip is not safe. Stay indoors.

We've been hunting the fugitive SpootinLaza and cornered him in the Stratosphere Casino. Troops were going to do nothing so we sent three cruise missiles to take him out. We'll also be doing extensive sweeps of the city with ground and air forces. If you are not Reaper-Actual or Reaper-2 we suggest you stay indoors. If not, you may be mistaken as a hostile. There is only one body we want to bring back with us.
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The STRAT walk-through Pre COVID - Casino/Food/Tower/Rides/Slots - Las Vegas Vlog (AKA Stratosphere)

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The STRAT walk-through Pre COVID - Casino/Food/Tower/Rides/Slots - Las Vegas Vlog (AKA Stratosphere)

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This is Reaper-2 calling Reaper-1. I am currently on the outskirts of Las Vegas. What is your location?

Nick, I got your message. Your buddy shandromand wants to give me what he gave you huh? I'm in. I'm near the outskirts of Las Vegas. You are still located at the Stratosphere Casino correct?
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TIL Kerry Packer once went to flip a coin with a Texan oil tycoon for $120mil

Packer is famously quoted for an exchange in a poker tournament at the Stratosphere Casino, where a Texan oil investor was attempting to engage him in a game of poker. Upon the Texan saying "I'm worth $60,000,000!" Packer apparently pulled out a coin and asked nonchalantly, "heads or tails?", referring to a A$120 million wager (according to Bob Stupak's biography). Some variations of the story put the sum at A$60 million to A$100 million and claim the line was "I'll toss you for it".
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Can I Make A Polite Request For Someone To Make The Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

Okay yeah I know this is a re-post but it was necessary because the last one sounded a little too mean but can one of you lovely modders please make this piece of lovely architecture:
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i was almost kidnapped in a las vegas casino when i was 11

i was 11, almost turning 12, and my family decided to go to america for a holiday where we stayed in las vegas for a few days at the stratosphere hotel. the hotel is split between hotel rooms and a large casino that we’d sometimes had to walk through to get out of the hotel.
one night, my parents had to go do something and they told me to just wait there (so stupid of them). it had been quite a while and they still hadn’t returned. later, a black woman, probably in her late 20s, approached me and asked me if i could accompany her in the elevator because she had a fear of them. my first thought, as a naive 11 year old, was to of course agree, as i loved being a helping hand to other people. however, i wanted to tell my parents where i had gone so that they didn’t have to worry where i went when they came back. i told the lady this and then went on a quest to find my parents in this vegas casino alone, not really sure where they had gone, but wanting to find them fast because i didn’t want to keep the lady waiting.
i couldn’t find my parents so i just decided to go back and accompany the lady anyway, since i had nothing better to do and would probably be back before my parents got back. to my dismay, when i returned, she had gone. soon after, my parents had finally come back and they explained that she most likely was going to kidnap me but left because i said i would tell my parents. in retrospect, i find it completely stupid to leave an 11 year old alone in a las vegas casino for 20+ minutes. it was a recipe for disaster and god knows what would have happened had the lady still been there!
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Citron Research and Andrew Left Should Be WSB Public Enemy #1

Andrew "my wife left me for a bull chad" Left just launched a full scale attack on the WSB community. This morning Citron Research just committed the HIGHEST level of heresy by giving PLTR a measly $20 PT and stating they are now short the stock saying it is akin to a casino than a 'real company' or whatever the fuck that means.
WSB autists needs to rally and pump this stock to the stratosphere. Send this gay bear back to its fuck den. Teach him what it means to fuck with each and every one of us and our tendies.
Position: PLTR 30C
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from under the Stratosphere tower hotel/casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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TIL that the Lucky 38 from Fallout: New Vegas is based off The Landmark casino, not the stratosphere tower

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inside the Stratosphere tower hotel/casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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TIL that the Lucky 38 from Fallout: New Vegas is based off The Landmark casino, not the stratosphere tower

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Driving past the stratosphere hotel and casino in Las ... Stratosphere is now The STRAT Hotel Casino & Skypod Las ... Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower Las Vegas Say Goodbye to A walk trough the Stratosphere hotel and casino in Las ...

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower günstig buchen bei FTI. So billig finden Sie Ihr Traumhotel in Las Vegas nicht wieder. Jetzt mit wenigen Klicks Traumurlaub billig buchen! Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas jetzt günstig buchen ☀ bei ☀ 24h Reservierung Top Service Exklusive Angebote 35 Bewertungen Hotelbeschreibung Hotel Stratosphere & Casino in Las Vegas . Hotelbeschreibung ohne Gewähr! Bitte prüfen Sie vor der Buchung die Hotelbeschreibung des jeweiligen Veranstalters (Hotelinfos) oder rufen Sie ggfs. unsere Servicehotline unter 089 / 12 23 19 67 an. Adresse: 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South Lage: direkt am Las Vegas Strip; Entfernung (ca.): zum Flughafen McCarran International ... Visible throughout the city, dominating the Las Vegas skyline - the iconic STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod is where the Las Vegas Strip begins and ends. We’ve reimagined your experience from top to bottom, offering renovated hotel rooms, refreshed casino floor, all-new dining options, award-winning entertainment, and an exhilarating SkyPod experience. Das Stratosphere Hotel & Casino markiert das derzeitige Nordende des Las Vegas Strip Suiten & Zimmer im Stratosphere. Das Stratosphere Hotel bietet auf 24 Stockwerken insgesamt 2.427 Gästezimmer und Suiten. Seit März 2018 wird das Hotel renoviert, zahlreiche modernisierte Zimmer sind bereits buchbar. Die älteren Zimmer sind vom Design her recht altbacken, dafür sind sie auch sehr günstig ... 2000 Las Vegas Blvd S Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower, Las Vegas, NV 89104-2507. Webseite +1 702-380-7777. E-Mail. Wegbeschreibung. SLS Station 7 Min. Westgate Las Vegas Station 17 Min. Mietwagen Alle Mietwagen für Las Vegas ansehen. Das Beste in der Umgebung. 73 Restaurants in einer Entfernung von maximal 0,5 km. 27 Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umkreis von 0,5 km. 107 Sky Lounge (1.277 ... Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Stratosphere Casino sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Stratosphere Casino in höchster Qualität. The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod, Las Vegas: 14.551 Bewertungen, 7.547 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 140 von 282 Hotels in Las Vegas mit 3,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. This hotel casino offers live DJ entertainment nightly, production shows in the Theater featuring MJ Live and the L.A. Comedy Club, which features nationally touring comedians, Top of The World restaurant, 800 feet high and rotating 360 degrees, is located at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. A classic Las Vegas buffet, offering a Sunday ... Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote: Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower Best Western Premier Collection (87% Weiterempfehlung) Bestpreis-Garantie Preisvergleich Urlaub buchen bei HolidayCheck

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Driving past the stratosphere hotel and casino in Las ...

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower Las Vegas Tour..2017 - Duration: 6:10. JoyVegas 14,146 views. 6:10. Sahara Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (closed as of May 16, 2011) - Duration: 6:26. ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Let do a walkthrough of The STRAT Hotel Casino & Skypod Las Vegas. This was filmed in September 2019 at around 11AM.Filmed with DJI Osmo Pocket Stratosphere in Las Vegas to rebrand to The STRAT PEASE SUBSCRIBE#LASVEGAS #STRATOSPHERE #CASINO #RESORT #THESTRIP #LASVEGASBLVD #SAHARAThis is a two minute video driving past the stratosphere hotel and casi...